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Double Layered Bath Exfoliating Scrub Gloves

Double Layered Bath Exfoliating Scrub Gloves

A Gentle touch of exfoliation for a radiant and healthy glow!

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Product Description

Introducing the essential tool for banishing dead skin on hands, feet, or any part of your body. Crafted with Double Layered Bath Exfoliating Scrub Gloves, this glove naturally exfoliates, leaving you refreshed with radiant skin! Made from 100% VISCOSE FIBRE, our body exfoliator glove is soft, stretchy, and entirely natural. It's the perfect gift for those seeking to eliminate dead cells without harsh chemicals.

Product Details

Material: Viscose
Style: Natural

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  • Soften Your Skin

    Soak in a warm bath or take a quick steam shower for 5-10 minutes to prep your skin for easy exfoliation.

  • Wet the Glove

    Wet and wring out the glove, then wear it to scrub your body in a vertical motion from shoulders to toes for optimal results.

  • Rinse Off Dead Skin

    Watch dead skin roll away, revealing super smooth and soft skin. Avoid using on the face or sensitive areas.

  • Moisturize Your Body

    Finish by washing with your favorite cleanser and applying moisturizer. Hand wash your exfoliating mitts and let them air dry for the next use.

Unveil the Secret to Silky Smooth Skin

Glow from Inside- Out!

  • Natural Exfoliation

    • EMS+ red light
    • Compact contour
  • Glow up!

    • Take your skincare routine to the next level with pulsating vibrations
    • Perfect for a thorough and revitalizing skincare experience
  • Firm & toned skin

    • Sterilize and reduce swelling

Frequently asked questions

Why does it fade slightly?

The gloves are made of plant fibers, and the color-fixing ability is relatively low. It is normal olor fading after entering the water. It will decrease as the number of uses increases, does not affect the use, and does not harm the body.

Why does it shrink?

Gloves have elastic pleats, shrinkage is normal, and can be stretched outwards again to normal use size. Because of shrinkage, exfoliating glove surface will be rougher, and the effect of exfoliation will be better.

How long can the product be used?

The exfoliating glove can be reused after washing. After using the product, please clean and stretch it to dry. We recommend replacing your glove every 2-3 months to ensure proper hygiene.

Is it too rough and painful?

This glove is for exfoliation so will be little rough. When using it, you can slowly increase the force until you comfortably get that deep exfoliation. Be especially careful with sensitive skin or damage skin. Use for more times you will get skilled

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shweta Iyer

I have never used such super soft and gentle bath gloves, making my bathtime routine feel extra special. Highly recommend for anyone looking to pamper themselves!

Good product

The product works very well for me.Just have a normal bath and as a last step use this exfoliating glove. I dont see layers of dead skin but a white residue, which is more than enough for me. After bathing moisturizer is a must....

Good quality product

It's really useful, must buy, and it's quality also super good, I've been using this from month's and still it's look new now

Good quality product

It's really useful, must buy, and it's quality also super good, I've been using this from month's and still it's look new now

Manander Kaur
I'm SO GLAD! I love this so much!

When you use as directed, the results are phenomenal. Definitely take their advice and wait till your skin is really soaked and been under hot/warm water for atleast 5 mins. & don't get too excited and start scrubbing too firmly, I think I over done it in some places but that is at my own fault. Definately moisturize after. I had some dark spots on my elbows and knees and they are honesty almost unrecognisable AFTER ONE USE! I also have some dark areas around the base of my neck and this has help SO much. Thank you SO much for creating this product. I saw it so many times on my news feed and put it off for a whole month. now I'm glad I placed an order!