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Period Relief Menstrual Heating Pad

Period Relief Menstrual Heating Pad

Muscle relaxation, period cramp relief, and inflammation reduction

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Product Description

Soothe the period pain with comforting heat: Our menstrual heating pad helps blood flow circulation, and helps deliver oxygen to abdominal muscles. It relaxes muscles and provides natural relief from period pain and pressure.

Product Details

Box Includes:
1X Magic heating pad
1x USB Controller power cord
1X User Manual
1X Box
Built-in Lithium Battery

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  • Prepare

    Unbox the Massager and charge it for a few seconds, it will start heating in 3 seconds.

  • Check

    With a simple press, activate the power button and adjust the vibration according to your needs.

  • Get set to soothe

    Ease into comfort by placing it on your aching area and use the massager over your stomach and waist.

  • Wrap Up

    Get done with the massager safely by powering down the device after use. And there you go with a cramp-free, easy period.

Say Goodbye To Cramps!

It's an Investment, not an expense

  • Multifunctional Intelligent Uterine Warm Belt

    • Warm the Uterus
    • Warm the Waist
    • Warm the stomach
  • No Need To Take A Pain Reliever

    • Soothe The Stiffness
    • Multipurpose Pain Treatment
  • The power of heat and massage Therapy

    • Relax Your Muscles
    • Reduce Bloating
    • Convenient To Use

Frequently asked questions

How long can I use a heating pad for period cramps?

Place heating pad on lower abdomen or back, avoid direct skin contact. Limit high heat to 15 mins to prevent burns or overheating.

How does heat help with menstrual cramps?

Heating pads, warm towels, and hot water bottles ease muscle tension, per Scientific Reports. Heat treatment for period cramps boosts blood circulation, reducing inflammation and pain.

Can a massager help with period cramps?

Deep massage with Theragun eases muscle spasms and knots, relieving lower back pain associated with period cramps.

What are the benefits of a heating pad?

Heating pads boost circulation, easing muscle and joint discomfort. Infrared ones penetrate deeper, ideal for moderate to severe pain.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
About Charging

How much time to take full charging??
& Running time in single charge??


I've used it during workouts when I experience discomfort. It's become a gym bag essential.


The heating pad is a great alternative to traditional methods. It's modern, effective, and efficient.


The heating pad is a lifesaver during hectic workdays. It keeps me going with less discomfort.

Trisha Banerjee

I bought one for my sister, and she's grateful for the relief it provides during her periods.